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November 28, 2016

When I sat down to write the first post for my new blog, I wanted to tell you something about me.  I wanted you to know who was behind the camera, but turns out, it was harder than I thought, because my entire business is actually built on you.

My love of photography runs deep and I’m inspired by …well, just about everything.  I grew up in Vegas, a place known for its light and color, but I needed to experience the East Coast, so I packed up and headed east.  I’ve been shooting professionally for over 8 years and although I take my business very seriously, I also take it very personally.  You know you picked the right career, when your stress decreases while you work.  It’s like releasing a pressure valve…relief.

I love the ocean, the Rockies, full moons, the Lincoln Memorial, amazing guacamole, and I love science – I can nerd out over an anatomy discussion like no other.  And, I love meeting people who are different than I am, who inspire something new in me.

But more than anything, I love capturing once in a lifetime moments, your moments.  I built this business, not only because I am passionate about photography, but because I don’t want you to miss those moments.  The ‘First Look’ is always one of my favorite shots from a Wedding Day.  Those pictures shine with anticipation and fresh excitement, a moment you can’t ever recreate.

I am the most me with my camera in hand, photographing you.  For my clients, thank you for allowing me to capture your moments and for all my future clients, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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