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5 Tips For Creating Your Wedding Playlist

Wedding Tips

April 16, 2018

“Hey DJ, won’t you play that song? To keep me dancing all night long!”

There’s so many reasons to love weddings, but at the end of the day, let’s face it, everyone love a good party! And a good party needs great music, right? When it comes to your wedding tunes, you want it all to be perfect, so here are 5 tips guaranteed to help you get the party started.


1. Consider the moment

Does it seem like an appropriate choice to walk down the aisle to? Is it the song you always want to remember for your first dance? Or is it to kick off the reception and get everyone on their feet. Keep in mind what the song is being used for in order to set the right tone.


2. Let it reflect you as a couple

You should pick songs you can relate to, that have meaning to you or your culture, or that you at least know you love. No one wants to head into their ceremony or reception hearing a song they aren’t very fond of.

3. Remember your guests

Try to consider the audience of people attending your special day. While you both may love rap and want it played at the reception, your grandmother may hate it. Throw in a song or two that you know will make her happy. Having a few songs for a variety of genres and age groups is guaranteed to keep everyone happy to be there.


4. Variety is the spice of life

We already talked about genres and appealing to different age groups, but don’t forget to mix it up in other ways too. Toss in a few slow dances along with some great party dances that crowds always get on their feet for.


5. Remember that it’s your day

It’s YOUR wedding and there’s technically no right or wrong way to do anything. Go with your gut and choose what makes you happy as a couple. You don’t HAVE to walk down the aisle to “Canon in D.”

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